More Decisions Than I Bargained For

After getting an email saying to please visit this page, I decided to check it out considering it had to do with college. It ended up being for graphic design which is one of the courses I listed as my favorite on another site. This site actually had a whole bunch of informative info on the course and actually helped motivated me a little bit more to start my career sooner rather than later. I realize I have been lazy with schooling after high school so maybe the email was telling me it is time?

Other colleges I checked out after getting this email was the accredited graphic design schools from TOP-GRAPHICDESIGNSCHOOLS.COM. The had some excellent campus’s with an amazing curriculum and schedule. It is just to bad everything is so far away because I have yet to own my own vehicle yet, so I only use my wife’s. If I could convince her to move than I would in an absolute heart beat. For now I will just wait it out and see if maybe she mentions us moving so I can start a new career. Although I have a small amount of faith in it, I highly doubt those words will roll off her tongue.

Out of the top 10 graphic designer schools in Michigan I found only two that really sparked my interest. Both were schools that offered a schedule that I could attend to daily without having to live on campus to do so. All the other schools made it so you could basically never leave the property because all of the classes were packed tight into one day. It was awful. Maybe if I was a few years younger and I wasn’t married than I would love the campus life. But for some reason I just don’t think that my wife would care for that to much. She likes me at home close by, not hours away.

Ultimately, the course I will be signing up for is Undergraduate Internship Program – Graphic Design – CIA. It will teach me the most in the graphic design world and will allow me to basically go in whatever direction I want after I receive the certificate of completion. This is what I need because there are so many options to which way your career can go with graphic designing. You do not necessarily have to just make blue prints for construction, you can do it for vehicles or even a new product being launched. Those two areas would definitely be what I would choose if I was given a choice at this moment in time.

Educate Yourself to A Better Career

Everyone always dreams of a career. Some people, like me land a career without having to pursue higher education. If you are not likely like myself, getting a higher education cannot hurt. Not only will it look good on job applications, but you may learn a thing or two in the process.

I noticed while job hunting a lot of jobs are looking for someone with an associates degree and sometimes even a bachelors degree. I know that can be quite intimidating when your dream job requires more education than you have. It is perfectly fine, because I will let you in on a little secret. You can go to school without having to worry about paying for it. Yes, you can head off to a better you without putting a dime into it. All you have to do is apply for financial aid. Yes, that is the best kept secret.

Financial aid helps those of us who cannot afford to continue our education after high school. It is very nifty for those of us who barely make ends meet, but want to better ourselves job wise.

You see where I am going with this? You no longer have to worry about not being qualified for the career you always wanted. Now, you can better yourself not only to have the career you always wanted, but to also provide you with more education. In the career world the more education you have under your belt the better off you are.

First Year of College Complete… Check!

I finished my first year of college and it was so much fun! My professors were challenging, informative, and they stretched me to critically think about my outlook on life, how it translates into who I am in the world, and how I interact with others. The workload for my first year was pretty intense, but beneficial. I should have paid more attention to my high school teachers that attempted to prepare me. Nevertheless, I am here now and look forward to my experience over the next couple of years. I definitely won’t rush it, but will soak it all in.

I have met some awesome people. I was a bit disappointed initially that I wouldn’t be able to still hang out with my friends from high school, but the people I have met makes up for the loss. Plus, I still get to see my old friends when I return home some weekends. It has been great meeting people from around the world. I have been introduced to new things and have a close group of friends that I can hang out with, do homework with, and depend on when I need someone to talk to about being homesick. And just to be clear- that isn’t too often.

I am excited to see what next year’s classes will bring, new people I will meet and new things I get to try. Since attending college, I feel like I am getting to know the person I am suppose to be a bit better. Day-by-day I have grown, and the experience has been wonderful.

Getting an Education is Extraordinary

Obtaining a college education can change your life for the better. I know that my college education has truly changed mine. While I was going to college, I pushed myself to do my very best because I believe in doing my best and I knew that I would more than likely not get a second chance to get my education. That is why I made the Dean’s list every semester while I was earning my Bachelor’s degree. I would have also got on the Dean’s list while I was earning my Master’s degree if that program had a Dean’s list. I got a sense of satisfaction every semester I got on the Dean’s list. It was difficult and I spent a lot of hours studying, but I truly believe that it is well worth it. I would absolutely do it again if I had the choice. There are other reasons that getting a college education is extraordinary and absolutely well worth the money, time, and everything else that is put into it.

College graduates have a lot of financial and personal benefits that come with getting a college degree. Some of them are common knowledge like a better income, more job opportunities (graduates are considered for jobs more than applicants without a degree), better benefits offers from an employer (like health insurance, promotions, and raises), being happier with the work that is done, and a lot less worry that the job is going anywhere or that they will be laid off. I also found that the other benefits of having a college degree are: being able to talk to people easily (since people are more knowledgeable about a lot of subjects) and making better choices (due to the fact that college students have to make a lot of decisions throughout their college education). My college education has also benefited my daughter.She has seen that determination and hard work do pay off. I am better off socially (I made good friends in college, some I am still in touch with and, because of this, I have improved social skills since college) and somewhat financially since I got college degrees. I also learned a lot about technology and technology and computer programs while I was going to college. That knowledge has helped at work, my personal life, and in educating my daughter, since technology is always advancing. Also, children whose parents have gone to college are more than likely to go to college. My daughter has said that she plans to go to a medical school and become a pediatric oncologist.

With all the benefits that come with going to college and obtaining a college education, I truly recommend that everyone continues their education. I truly believe that like me you will be better off academically,socially, emotionally, financially, and have a sense of satisfaction that will never go away. The sense of pride that you feel and that you get from family and friends is also another benefit. I also believe that anyone that gets a college education will never regret it. The benefits of my college education will stay with me forever.

How Has Education Changed Me?

Most people go to college to get an education, to get a degree that will get them a good job. They want to make money, and that is their primary goal. Of course, that is the primary goal of most people, and it’s understandable. No one wants to live in poverty, and nearly everyone wants a better life. They want a nice car, a big house, and to live comfortably. I am like those people, too. However, I have found that pursuing a secondary education hasn’t just become about all those things.

While pursuing the course of my teaching degree, I had to participate in a semester of student teaching. After beginning that semester, I was nervous. There were so many little people in that classroom that were depending on me to teach them the skills and knowledge they would need to become successful adults. It really hit home that being a preschool teacher would make me one of the very first people in a child’s life that would give them the stepping stones of success. It was daunting.
Before beginning my semester of student teaching, I was pretty confident that I would be successful in my choice of degree. I had babysat before, and many people told me that I was good with kids. I was getting good grades in all of the classes leading up to my student teaching, including the classes that were about how to teach children.

Getting up in front of that group of twenty or so children was a whole different ball game than I had been preparing myself for. I had always been a proficient out loud reader, but, found that having so many pairs of eyes on me was unnerving. Being in charge of that many children also had its’ disadvantages when compared to the two or three I had babysat before at one time. Children are so diverse, and you never really know when or why they may act out. Dealing with their behaviors could prove challenging. Another challenge I faced was that half of the students were of a different ethnic background, and many of them struggled to even speak English. I had one child giggle at me when I suggested they teach me their language.

Receiving an education has not just become about getting a good job for me. It is now about how I can change and grow from the experience. While going through my semester of student teaching, I encountered things I never thought I would face. Cultural differences were some of these things, and I had to learn to adapt to meet the needs of those students. I’ve changed in that I now know that new approaches to situations may be needed in the line of work I am pursuing. My mind has been broadened to the differences in culture around the world, and to the differences each individual child may possess that I will have to adapt to in the future.

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